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[12 Jan 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | better ]

my cat went to the kitty clinic (thanks xoxoxoxox!!)
and got fixed and hes on meds and hes so cute when hes all stoned :)
but hes doing ok.

i had a WEIRD dream last nite. about a guy i used to date...that was weird. and than i'm with kathy and we're like 25 and meeting hanson. and i remember taylor had a wedding ring on. LOL it was a strange dream...let me tell you.....

my head is killing me. i think i'm going to go do what my cat does best, sleep.


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i'm in a mood! with it. [11 Jan 2004|11:09pm]
...lately i find myself annoyed at people, i thought i would never be annoyed at.

its not about getting it right, its about knowing when its wrong and doing something about it!

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[10 Jan 2004|11:12pm]
i have so much new makeup and face products...its not even funny. i got 400$ worth of "nars" "lancome" and "mac" from my boss!!! lol i love her to death :)
(she loves to spoil her workers and i can't complain)
only thing i didn't get that i really wanted SO BADDLY was a victorias secret gift card :-/ but i do have a lakeside gift card that i have yet to get.......

bridget did you ever find that gift card? vickys sale, only five days

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[09 Jan 2004|01:44pm]
tonites the parrrrrtyyyy.. i'm SO EXCITED! and time is going way too slow today.

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eak! i just got outta work: [08 Jan 2004|09:34am]
& now,
i have to go to the dr. in about ten min.
i'm kinda scared to go. lol

side note:
only 14 days til i'm 21!

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